Saturday, 15 March 2014

Not much...

I have been away from blogland for the past couple of weeks. And I do miss read what other people have been up to. It gives me a kick to start a new project or to turn UFOs into WIPs. Unfortunately there are other things at the moment that need my attention and by the time clock shows 9pm Im already half dead walking around the house, trying to make sense of what i can get sorted for the next day that would make my life easier.... And then I just give up and go to bed

I did finish part 18 of ATW (Sorry for the photo. It was night time, and my light wasnt on and flash just made it worse....)

I am very close of finishing my butterly. So maybe will post again before weekend ends.

AND IT IS A LONG WEEKEND! Happy Paddys Day :)

Talk soon


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  1. Well done on keeping up with this one. I got lost way back. I've seen a few progress photos this month which are making me wish I'd kept up with it.