Monday, 16 June 2014

Lots of things....

I havent touched my Blog account in a while. I like blogging even tho I dont have many followers, mainly because I can keep track of my work by using it. Said that, I should really updated it more often... I have been busy, very busy. DS had chicken pox which meant 1 week indoors. Weather wasnt great so it kinda helped not to feel guilty. Im off work until July, so nothing to worry about on that part too. So I left my creativity fly....

I have coloured lots of digis and stamps. Specially Xmas images...

I made this one for my Dad. It was his bday on the 5th and I thought this little girl looked like me when I was a teen. You see, Im dad's little princess :)

I bought these wooden pieces at the last crafty show in Belfast. I have attached the boots with red/white twine and it is perfect now.

This is my update on the 'Blue Family Tit'. 4 birds down, 4 to go.
And this is a small table cloth I made for my boss wife. They went on hols and he brought me 6 balls of cotton size 10 thread. It feels so good to work on light thread like this
And this was a freebie from Saturated Canary. I havent done anything with these coloured images yet.

And I just bought this one. He reminds me of my son. Eddie goes everywhere wearing his Superhero costume. He lost his cape recently so he is a bit upset, but mummy said she will find something for him.

I told you I have been busy :)




  1. Hi Cami, hope Eddie is on the mend, lovely work, love the Christmas decoration.

  2. Blogging is a great way to keep track of your projects. Now Google have discontinued their Reader not everyone bothers to click the Follow button anymore, they just add your blog to their reader, so you may have more people reading than you think!
    I also find that joining in with various themed posts helps grow your followers.
    The blue tits project is looking good.

  3. The blue tit family is looking great. I love this design!