Monday, 18 February 2013

I shouldn't, but...

I know.... I shouldn't be stitching until my wrists weren't sore anymore, but I just cant stay away for too long.
And to make matters worse, I have started a new project:

I have bought this magazine last summer when visiting my parents in Brazil. So here is what happened: The mag is actually from Spain and was being sold in a mega pack with issue 180,181 and 182. This sampler is part of an ABC Sampler and it was released monthly. I checked mag 181 and it had letters C and D. Checked mag 182 and it had E and F. My husband is Aidan, Im Camila and my son is Edward and I thought:  how nice would it be to have 3 small cushions with our initials? By my counts, issue 180 should had A and B (just a thought, right?), so I bought the mega pack and went home all happy. When I came back home to Ireland, I found out that the series had started on issue 179, so I didn't have A and B after all. So off to internet to order the old issue from the company. I paid more for the old issue + postage from Spain to Ireland than whole mega pack in Brazil!!! 

Anyway, I have started the C this weekend:

I'm doing full crosses on 28 count, 1 over 1. I know... crazy right? I think so...
I should have gone for half stitch 2 over 1, but now I already have a good amount of stitches and I am just NOT ripping it!

So one more project to my WIPs and this is gonna fit nicely into rotation :)

Talk soon


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