Saturday, 9 February 2013

Starting HAED

Hi all

Quick post to show you I have started my first HAED. It is the heart shape from the Filigree range. Started on the 31st of January and I kinda wanted to have stitched page 1 and 2 before taking picture. I have to say, it is not as easy as I thought.
Pattern was a present from a stitching friend and I thought it would be easy as it doesnt have a full background cover, but now I have my doubts.
That doesnt mean I will be starting another one just to test my theory :) Not for now at least...

I have grided the fabric using a marker pen, and right now Im regreting this decision. The pen kinda skipped a row or a line in some of the marks, and it is hard to keep track of it. Note to self: 'Next time, grid it properly'. Mummy always says: Count twice, stitch it once. Count once, stitch it twice.

Hope you all have a good weekend

Talk soon



  1. Still great progress so far :)

    I hate gridding :( That is why I always use Magic Guide for the big projects hehe (I am lazy!)

  2. Huge progress! I love that design.
    Sorry to hear about the griding. I don't use this & always count once, twice or three times sometime!! :D