Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blankets, Blankets and more blankets...

I have been a bad blogger... bad, bad blogger! But lets see if I can make it better now

After 2 weeks of stitching like mad while minding Eddie, last week I have decided to take a break and work on the blankets for Henry the Bear Blanketeers.
I have finished in total 6 blankets (3 which I have done all myself - the blue and red ones -  and 3 that i have crocheted the granny squares made by another lady). These should be on their way to the kids soon.

Spring has finally shown its face with a bit of sun, not warm yet but defo brighter past few days

Talk soon



  1. olá ja respondi seu comentário lá no blog ok? passa lá depois bjs!

  2. lovely to see you blogging again, please tell us more about the blanks and who they are for, Yvonne