Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm baaaack, and full of updates!

Hello Ladies,

I did tell last time I posted that I would be absent for a while. DS had surgery to remove his tonsils, but because he is a cardiac patient, there were a couple of measures we had to take before it and it took me a while to get ready. This week I have been housebound with him, and because he wanted me sitting near him while he watched tv (seriously, I couldnt even get a glass of water without him crying...) I did get lots of stitching done! 
It's been a slow and boring week, and without my stitching I would be lost! Thank God my wrists arent sore.
I have worked on 3 different projects this week.
First, my HAED, finally finished page 2. 2 down, 35 to go....
Finished part 3 on Birds Sampler. I thought that this was a big part and I was getting tired of the colours, thats why I have done rotation on the projects.
I have the 'C Sampler' out all the time. I find very hard to stitch on it. Its 28 count white fabric, stitching full crosses, 1 over 1. It kills my eyes... so I found that if I have it out and stitch a bit every now and then, I will probably have it finished soon. Another thing is that I dont have that pattern on my tablet so I can stitch when DS is playing on it lying on my lap.

Finished Page 2 on HAED - Filligree

Finished Part 3 on Birds Sampler - Angie Designs

Lots done on my 'C Sampler'
And I have crocheted another blanket for Henry the Bear Blanketeers while in hospital with DS.

Owwww, btw, today is day 8 after surgery and Eddie is back eating and drinking nearly as normal. We had a couple of rough days, specially with all the mouth ulcers he had. Poor boy couldn't drink a glass of milk without crying. All past now!!!

Talk soon



  1. Hope Eddie is better now! Lovely update on your stitching. Happy Easter x

  2. Hi, glad to hear Eddie is much better. Your stitching is really beautiful. How you get it all done I don't know. Hope you had a lovely Easter. Aiveen.