Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Part 11 ATW Finished

This one was fairly quick. Started Monday night and finished last night. And I only stich for 1.5h/day.
I guess I got used to the fabric by now.

Here is the photo:

And Im the happiest Mum today: Hubby gave me a late Mothers Day pressie. A new hair dryer! The brush type, the one the styles the hair and bla bla bla. He knew I was looking for one for ages, and every time I save enough to buy a good one Eddie gets sick and I end up spending on meds (because you know, this is not an essential item - I already have a good normal hair dryer - so it has to be bought with spare money...). So Im happy!!!

Thats me for today

Talk soon



  1. Great stitching Cami! I love ATW design x

  2. Looking great, enjoy your new hair dryer, lucky girl xx