Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Where does the time go?

Im not sure whats happening at the moment. I blinked and it is May already.... Where all the other 4 first months went???? My son is 3y5m already... It seems like yesterday I was pregnant, grumpy, fat and tired... (because NOW im just grumpy and tired lol) July is our 3rd wedding anniversary (dont do the maths...). This is my 7th year in Ireland. Better stop now...

I have an update on my HAED. Too many reds if you ask me but so far so good. Have finished page 3 and started page 4, so next time I have it on rotation, I hope to finish the top row with page 4 and 5. It's not your normal HAED with 10 pages per row which was why I went for it. From my list '10 things to stitch before I die', I can cross HAED patterns off it!

I have been on a mad moment for Mini Albums (the Scrapbook kind). Not sure why it appeals to me, but I have been mad for them lalely and watching every single YouTube video about it. I did my first one out of a very heavy cardstock I had at home. Then at to work decided to take a walk in our depot and found out the guys were throwing good cardboard in the bin for recycling. So off I went to look at the bin (it is just a Cardboard/Paper bin, not really dumpster diving...) and I managed to find perfect good strips of cardboard which I cut into size and now I have 10 pages and 2 sets of covers for a 7x7in album. Will probably turn it into 2 albums with 5 pages each, not sure yet.  But will keep you posted on that :)

These are pages from the mini album I made last week. I showed you the cover already, and these are some of the pages. I did a rookie mistake on the biding so It doesnt open properly which is a pity, but still good enough for a first

Eddie in his hold in Brazil and at the Glendalough Park, Ireland

Myself and Eddie - Eddie and my Brother
I still have 2 tags to finish for this album and 2 pages (which Im waiting to print some photos to add to it). My Mum got a hold of it the other day and ask if I would consider give it to my Dad as birthday pressie. What can I say? It will go straight into the luggage as soon as finished as we are off to visit them in June.

Hope you enjoy the reading.

Talk soon


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