Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nothing like some 'me-time'...

to get you projects up to date!

It's mid-term and Eddie has no pre-shcool this week. So what to do when you have 2 days off during the week, lots of projects you want to touch and the feeling that the kid will get bored in the early hours of the morning? You book the kid to a Halloween camp. 9am to 3pm. Thats what I did and it was money well spent, if you ask me. It was only for today as he is back to creche tomorrow but today was really my only day off this week since Knit and Stitch show is on Thursday and I intend to stay as long as I can there, looking at all the pretty things I could buy....
Anyway, since I had morning all for myself, I've decided to stitch my ATW. I was a bit late with this one as Yvonne has already released part 15 and last part I stitched was 13. Here it is:

And I even managed to look after my herbs with some spare time. So it was money well spent!

Aiveen has kindly sent me some bats for my Halloween treat-boxes. I have made 11 boxes for family and friends but I thought the orange box was a bit to plain. So I inked the edges and stuck the bats. THANK YOU AIVEEN!!

And yesterday I finished the first row of my HAED but this will be another post.... (only 5 more rows to go, looking forward to it...)

Talk soon


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