Wednesday, 21 May 2014

24h are not enough...

I have the 'Jack Bauer feeling'. 24h is not enough!
I am a mom and a wife (and by that please read: Iam a maid, a taxi driver, a cleaner, a personal shopper....),  I work part-time and I go to the gym 3 times week for a 45min routine (because my behind wont be firm by just eating cookies...). I try my best to cook from scratch and have the healthiest food in the house, which means a lot of cooking on my days off. We all go to bed quite early because our day starts before 7am. AND I like cross stitching, crochet, colouring, cardmaking and scrapbooking. And sometimes I wish my days were longer....

I am a NINJA, like all mums. 

Most of the times, I jump from one project to another and I get upset if I cant start or finish something. It happened this week. I had this wonderful fabric I got at AppleTree Crafts for a Sewing Machine Cover and I went over, in my head, several times, on how to make it. Googled patterns and checked blogs for ideas. I knew what I wanted, just had to cut the fabric and put it together. I imagined on how and where to sew to make it perfect. I did it so many times that I couldnt sleep that night and I couldnt make/start it because the noise of my sewing machine would wake up son/hubby. The next morning I was tired, but full of ideas on how and where to start.

 Look what my dinning table looks like when Im on full-creative-mode!!

And this is my finished cover (with side pockets and all!)

It really like it :)

Talk soon


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