Monday, 12 May 2014

Tablet Holder

This has been on my mind for quite a while now. But every pattern I found had too much cutting and sewing. And sewing is not one of my strongest skill, which I find it funny since every woman in my family is a dressmaking.

Got the pattern from MyPatchwork. If I had to do it again, and I can see myself doing at least another 2 for pressies, I would change a few steps.

1)Instead of trying to sew the big opening when the triangle bit is full, I would leave a small opening on the back (where the button is) instead. Then I can hand sew when it is full, rather than trying to fit the whole thing on my maching
2)Would do the same with the small cushion on the front. So my sewing steps would be: Sew the edges but leave one opening on the triangle bit and one on the front cushion. you can still turn the fabric inside out bu the whole on the back, providing it is a good size hole. Once turned, I would stitch the lines so they would be straight (I wont even show mine here, it is appalling....), fill it up and hand stitch it closed.

Trying to feed this through my not-very-sturdy sewing machine was a nightmare. Im very pleased with the final product but I know could have been better.

Talk soon


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  1. Will have to try this and thanks for the adjustments ... they make sense!