Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Busy Busy Week...

I was trying to keep these post weekly but I have done so much on the past week that this is gonna be a long one again. 

Last week Jenny came to visit me. She is into Quilting at the moment, and is dragging me to her new hobby. This is not a complaint and Im enjoying lots learning the new technique but hubby is already moaning about fabrics and pins everywhere. I reckon he will have to learn how to live with it : )

So the first project I've finished is a needle/scissors/bits case. The pattern is from The Stitch Witch and outer fabric used is from Kilbora Quil Shoppe. All bought last RDS show and I just couldn't wait to make it and put all my bits in it.

 The outside of the heart
 Open heart - Still needs to put all accessories in it :)

Second project was my Stocking for Christmas. I bought this pattern/fabric from the Limerick Quilting Centre. The lovely lady at the stall said it was an easy project, not that easy if you are a totally beginner. We did manage to make 4 of them (2 for me and 2 for Jenny) and it was fun trying to add embellishments.  I have decided to leave mine without them, apart from the little square and pearl in one of them (left side one).

Christmas Stockings - Limerick Quilting Centre

 And then I started a new stitching project. It is a LHN pattern called ' Home of a Needleworker (too)' (you can see it here). I had to replace the threads from the pattern as I dont have any Crescent Colour in my stash so Im using Anchor/DMC and Week Dies Threads. This is what I got so far, and I reckon it wont take me too long to finish.

House of a Needleworker (too) - LHN

I guess that's all for now. As I said, busy busy week but got lots done. Ah! On top of all this, I got my Christmas cards nearly all ready to post when December comes. I have been making them all through the year and I'm very pleased I'm not in a rush now to sort them.

Talk soon



  1. Nice little post, full of update! Love the stockings, you've done a fantastic job!

  2. You certainly have been busy! Your little heart is adorable and useful too, hubby can't complain about that! hehe :D

  3. I love your little heart and stockings very cute. Hope you manage to find more hide y holes for more stash ;-)
    My DH found a stash of mine the other day and said I needed a bigger cupboard, but I dont think that meant I was going to get one.

  4. Hi Camila! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Gave me a chance to find your little piece of the blogosphere too :)

    Been peaking through some of your posts - beautiful stitching and I WISH i had the skills to make those little stockings!!! Soooo cute :) Have a great weekend


    PS: Posting a new blog in a couple of minute and you're in it!

  5. Both your hearts and stocking are very sweet. Thanks for dropping by my blog and now I have found yours! I am planning to start Home of a Needleworker soon (just waiting on my threads to come in). I was lucky enough to win the design in a giveaway. I think that it will be one of my train projects.

    1. Lucky you winning it on a giveaway. You will love it. It is an easy stitch (sort of...) but Im enjoying it. Even the hand-died stitches are fun on this :)

  6. Your stitching is lovely and the case is fabulous!
    Evalina, This and that...