Sunday, 25 November 2012

Finished Ornaments and Cards

Hello all!
First I would like to thank Melissa for awarding my new blog the Liebster Award. It is an honor to have an award in such little time of existence.  THANK YOU!! And thank you to all the new followers. Nice to see the group growing

So... Christmas is just a 4 weeks away. Cant you believe it??? And I need to explain something about me: I dont deal well with the Christmas madness that infects every single person and cause a mayhem in our lives. I just dont do madness. Not that kind at least. Another thing is that I believe that open up your post box and finding a card from a friend instead of the everyday bills makes a day much better and put a big smile on my face
I have been making Christmas Cards throughout the year so I wouldnt have last minute crafting. Same with my tree ornaments. So this week I've decided it was time to get all cards addressed and ready to go to post office when December arrives (Im from Brazil and a good number of cards have a long trip to make, so the earlier the better). I had all inserts printed already and only had to address, sign the cards and write my personal little messages in it. It was quicker than I had expected. And here are a couple of the cards:


Last week, while Jenny was stitching her stockings (see previous post) I was cutting cardboard for the stitched ornaments. I managed to cut and attach the wadding in all pieces of cardboard but didn't have time to actually finish it. So this week, it was time. Mounting these ornaments is a new thing for me so I'm trying to learn how to use the trims and how to choose them for each piece. Needless to say I love LHN huh?

And this is the Eskimo from 2 weeks ago. I turned it into a round ornament and not sure where I will put it but I'm love with the twisted cord. I used a Lucet to make the cord. I'm learning how to work with the Lucet and how to make different cables. So far so good

And last thing done this week: Aiveen had offered to give me a hand scrapbooking my wedding album. I had an accident with glue leaking through the album pages (don't ask... I have already cried so much over it...) and now the whole album is done. Thank you so much Aiveen for the dies and paper and Thank you Jenny for getting this organized. I wanted to keep it simple and really just hide the marks but managed to create something nice. Here are a couple of pages:

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  1. I really like your little ornaments, they look ever so pretty!! Well done, Mii.

  2. Wow, you are so busy. RE: scrapbooking, try the dry glue rollers or sticky tape or even sticky photo corner inserts: you stick them onto your page and just place your photo in them so nothing actually touches the photo and you can even remove it later if you wish. They look stunning, glue leak or not xxxx

    1. Hi Gaynor. Thanks for your comment. The album was a disaster to start with. I had the corners at the beginning but the album paper wasnt strong enough and the photos were too heavy so they kept falling. I've tried the glue roller but had the same problem with the glue showing trough the paper (the paper in the album wasnt the best really) So I found this glue that would make my life better all together and thats the result now...
      I have written to Newbridge Silverware and it is one of their products and they have changed the paper on the new albums already, not that it helps me now...

  3. My God you have been busy, how do you manage to fit it all in with a little one, the Wedding Album looks fantastic. and your Christmas gifts and cards are fab. looking forward to catching up on the 11th of Dec, see you soon Yvonne

    1. Hi Yvonne. Thanks for the comment. I have to say, Eddie has been pretty good lately :) See you on the 11th.

  4. Wonderful ornaments and your wedding album looks beautiful.

  5. Thank you so much for coming to my blog.

    I love your Christmas cards, you have did a Beautiful job saving your wedding album. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

    I'm already following you, just look to needle one and you found me (laughing)