Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crazy week, Christmas Exchange and RAK

Hello all,

I've had a crazy week.  Don't know if it is the cold weather or the imminence of my 30th birthday (next Tuesday), but it has been very strange

It all started with my hands going very sore on Monday. I suffer from carpal tunnel and sometimes the pain flares up and it goes away after a couple of painkillers. But I think I overdid the previous week (stitching, cleaning the house, laundry, ironing, crochet...)  now i have to deal with it.

First is my House of Needleworker. Im enjoying this sooo much!! And it is coming along nicely. Havent touched since last week but there was a bit done before Monday:

LHN - House of a Needleworker

I've seen this little apron on a craft fair and it really caught my eyes. I thought it was sooo cute. When I got home, off I go look through my fabrics and I remembered I bought some fat quarters with fruits prints. My hubby caught me measuring my bottle of Fairy liquid (i just wanted to make sure I would get it right the first time..) He thought I was going crazy... Anyway, here it is. Doesnt it look cute??

Fairy liquid Bottle - Apron
On Wed, I stalked my post man (literally). Helen from Emerald Isle group emailed me to say she posted my Christmas exchange and it was a registered post. My post man comes around at 8.30am, but I had a hairdresser appointment at 9am (the second time I have been in the hairdresser this the year...) so I went around the house estate looking for him. The depot is not far from my apartment but I was dying to see what she had done for me. It just couldnt wait. Postman now laughs when he sees me and called me Mrs Impatience.

Christmas Exchange - from Helen - Emerald Isle Cross Stitch Group

Then on Thursday, Maud (here) sent me this beautiful pressie. I have been looking at this pattern for a while but the size and amount of threads scares me deeply. I enjoy big projects, but HAEDs projects are not my cuppa. Anyway, I told her one day that if I had to stitch one of their projects, this would be it. And now I have it!!!! Thank you soooo much Maud. Off I go to buy threads now and this will be my 2013 project

Pressie from Maud - HAED filigree Series
Then on Saturday, Angie from Magicas Puntadas (here) has posted she is taking names for her next 2013 SAL. I just love how she place flowers together in one big project. So I have joined in for the Bird Sampler. Isnt it just gorgeous?? I know some of the girls from my local group have done some of her sals before, and I know she is very strict on her rules and how she sends the parts monthly, but I think that for a fee of €3, I might give it a try.

Bird Sampler - Angie Designer pattern - Coprighted - for illustration only

Then it is Sunday (today), and hubby got called into the Barracks for some shooting training and of course he's not coming back til Thursday (maybe...?). So that means spending my birthday by myself. Well, not by myself as I have Edward, my nearly 3yo boy, to keep me company but you know what I mean. The joys of been an army wife!

Since I havent stitched all week, I've decided to read all the books on my bedside table. So far, I read Fifty shades (book 1 and 2) and Im reading a book from August Cury at the same time. I do hope to be back on track this week.

Talk soon



  1. Nice update, LOVE the Haed design!!

  2. A very pretty HAED design, I look forward to watching your progress!

    Poor mail men must get tired of all of us stalking them, especially round this time of year!

  3. Hi Camila, Lovely to catch up with all you are doing. You are a very busy bee. How do you get it all done and you having a little fellow? See you on the 11th. Aiveen.

    1. Not sure how I do it Aiveen but now you know why I look so tired everytime we meet :) See you on the 11th

  4. Happy Birthday Camilla, see you on the 11th, hope your not driving, then you can have a late birthday drink.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Thanks Yvonne. Not much fun in getting old i reckoon...
      Not sure who is driving yet, but will make sure it is not me :)

  5. Hi, returning the following! Loved your Home of a Needleworker so far. I stitched one of this series earlier this year.