Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Nearly Christmas! And the world didnt end!

I have been very naughty and havent posted anything in a while, but I do have good excuses tho: It was my birthday ont he 4th, my son's birthday on the 9th (Little Eddie has turned 3), my nephews Christening and my parents/brother/brothers girlfriend coming to stay with us for Christmas. They arrived on the 15th and my house has been mental since then.

But you will be happy to know I have been stitching and my needles are smoking :)

Finished part 8 of my ATW project. This was quite pleasant apart from the damn lazy daisy stitches. Dont know what the matter with them. It's never quite nice, round or symetric.

ATW80 - Part 8 - Close up

ATW80 - Part 8 - Full piece

Then I had some more done on my House of Needleworker from LHN

LHN - House of Needleworker

And the postman has brought me these stitched ATCs. They are from a birthday exchange group at the Craftbubble community and Im delighted with them. 

I have been naughty and bought lots of threads at 123stitch. Got the email saying they have despatched it already so now is back to stalk my postman!

And last but not least, my little man (cant believe he is 3 already...) and his new hair cut.The crochet blank is from the Henry Bear foundation. He was given it when leaving ICU after a heart surgery 2 years ago. He loves it soo much that I keep it on my couch so we can cuddle while watching tv. Please dont mind my stitch stuff in the background!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and may God Bless your house.


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  1. Happy New Year
    Camilla Aidan and Eddie.
    I love the New Hair Cut Eddie, you have turned into a little man overnight.where have all the lovely long curls gone. I hope Santa was good to you,
    hope Christmas was great with all the family.
    God Bless for 2013
    See you soon Cami.
    Yvonne xx