Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! And projects kitted up...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers! And may 2013 be better than 2012.

Looking back, there wasnt much going on this year for us, and by us I mean DH, DS and me. There werent big changes in our lives, that's what I mean. We did buy a car, because our family car, that carried part of our house in the boot - apart from the kitchen sink, died a horrible death and ended up for scrap, so dad kindly gave us a pre-loved and much looked after one. But other than that 2012 was pretty standard. Eddies health (my DS) has been improving and now that we know what we are fighting, it is much easier to deal with attacks and episodes. As I said, pretty much standard. 2011 was such a bad year that I didnt think 2012 could beat it, and it didnt! Points for being optimistic!

Anyway.... Lets talk stitching!!!!
Jenny has dragged me to her New Year Resolution: NO MORE STASH. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. A full year without adding anything to our stash. To be honest, I do think I have fabric for 3 life times, but hey, what crafter is not in this position? My problem is that I dab in other crafts too (cardmaking. scrapbooking, crochet...) but at least I dont knit. Have you seen a knitters house?? The same for quilters. They have piles and piles of wools everywhere :) I have told SIL to store them in one of those vacumm bags to see if stash would like slightly tidy up. 
So, no buying stash for me. Or at least try. I even returned credit card to hubby, just in case I feel compelled to with all those Sales around.  

So, photos!
This is my House of Needleworker. I do hope to finish it soon as I need the scroll bars for a new SAL.

And postman got tired of being stalked and decided to delivery my parcel from 123. All my threads for my new projects. (PS: that was bought in 2012 so it doesnt count on the new resolution). Here it goes:

HAED project - 20 count evenweave Cream/Pink ish (Thanks Maud!!)

Bird Sampler SAL - Angies
Design - 17count Aidan Beige
And this is a birthday present from Jenny. Isnt it beautiful??? Im sure she put a lot of hours and effort and Im so happy with it. It was meant to be a needle case but I made one myself (see previous post) so she changed  a bit and didnt add the felt on it. I just love it!

Lets see if I get this right. These all my projects for 2013:

* SAL Papillon Creations - ATW80
* SAL Angies Design - Birds Sampler
* HAED - Floral Filigree
* SAL Emerald Isle group - You will hear about this one soon
* LHN - I have a couple of patterns that I want to stitch, but not sure if I will

And that's all folks! Talk soon



  1. My New Year resolution is also not to buy any stash (except for a show in Feb)! This will be sooo hard :D Love the goodies you've received.

  2. Happy New Year Camila, love looking at all you are doing. Don't know where you get the time. Hope to see you Tue. Aiveen.