Friday, 11 January 2013

A finish and two starts

Why do I have the feeling it's been a long time since my last post? Am I getting addicted to blog?

A have a finish! My first in 2013. Roll the drums....

I have added a charm instead of stitching the pair of scissors. It was a gift from a friend (who Im trying to bring to the dark side of needlework) and it suits the pattern so well, dont you think?

And for my new starts:

First is the Emerald Isle SAL called 'Lets Stitch' from a designer called Patty Carbaugh and pattern is bought through her Etsy shop. I cant find the link I used to post, sorry.
Im using 11count fabric I had in my stash (remember: stash diet!!!). It has lovely flowers printed on it and it matches the colours used. This will be my Sunday stitching project which is just great as TSS has a new Sunday SAL and I can use this at the moment.
Lets Stitch - Patty Carbaugh - Emerald Isle SAL
Second is Birds Sampler from Angies Designs. She sent first part yesterday and I just needed to start it as soon as I could. My new rollers arrived on Monday so fabric was already gridded and ready to start.
Birds Sampler SAL - Angies Design - Part 1

And then, when I thought postman was done with his work, I receive this:
Angel is from Dusty from TSS as a thank you for a pattern I sent before Xmas. Im just in love with her work. And the pillow ornament is from Bev from XStitch Exchange Group. Unfortunately the first parcel she sent me went missing in the post (boohooo post office!!!) so she kindly sent me a second parcel after new years. A big Thank You ladies for my pressies.

I havent started HAED yet. Im waiting for the exact moment, when all SALs are up to date and my needle is in need of something different. I struggle a lot with high count fabric and whatever way I have my stitch-station I cant attach my magnifier, so need to move to dinning table and thereI dont have enough light. And with the dark days we have had in Dublin on the past few days I just cant get myself to start at it. Soon!

And I need to post a photo of my ORT jar. I know, cant believe it's the 11th already.... Will do it tomorrow hopefully.

Talk soon,



  1. Congrats on your finish Cami!!! It looks great :)
    Lovely new starts too & beautiful present.

  2. A lovely finish...did you know we have a blog for the SAL as well, if you like you can post piccies there too. Great starts...I have never done a HAED...good look with that one!

  3. Lovely work. That angel is fabulous! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your work Cami, the charm on your Home of a Needleworker does look good.
    The fabby you have chosen looks great for Lets Stitch, I am looking forward to getting started on this one too.

  5. Home of a Needleworker looks great, the charm is perfect.

    The little angel and pillow are so sweet too.

  6. Cami, congrats on the finish !! It looks great !! So glad you like the angel and happy it got to you ok. The little pillow is lovely.

  7. Great finish, the fabric you've chosen for Let's Stitch is wonderful.

  8. Hello Camila! Just wanted to say thanks for following by blog today! I LOVE all your stitching. I used to do cross stitching years ago from the little kits. Loved it but maybe I did not have the patience for it! Browsed your wonderful inspiration this morning-an adored your curly haired little guy! I have 2 grandsons close to that age,so I can relate to how busy they keep you! My best to you in 2013-keep up the lovely work!