Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Soooo.... This is my first post!
Please bare with me while I learn how to do things here...

I have been stitching since my teens and had a dry spell for 4 years and the bug has bitten me hard this time around. My stash grows at a fantastic rate and my projects have become more intricate and my taste for patterns have changed big time.

Will post photos of my most recent projects as soon as I can (again, please bare with me...)

For now, I think I will have a good look around and stalk some other blogs

Talk soon



  1. Very nice looking projects. Blogging is fun. I have been doing it for years. Watch out - - eventually someone will write and say "Where are you?" We need more blog!! Have fun and keep on stitching.


  2. Love your Stitched creations Cami....hugs Gillian x