Saturday 29 November 2014

Ow my...

It's been a long time!

I have started my new 'grown-up job' (mon-fri 9/5.30) 2 weeks ago, and the weeks before that has been so mental that I dont even know where to start!  A big change for the household, and DS is been great waking up earlier just so I can drop him at creche before heading to work. DH has been wonderful too, helping with the chores and cooking (despite the food poising on the 3rd day he made dinner...)

These are what I managed to do in the past few weeks. Most of them where just waiting to be finished. I am trying to get as much as I can finished before New Year

Talk soon,

Wednesday 12 November 2014

It's been a while...

But I have lots to show :)
Finally managed to turn this stitched piece into a wall hanger.

Got this wool at RDS this year and I knew I would have to yarnbomb my house for Christmas :)

Left over Christmas scraps turned into one lovely table runner

Got fabric at RDS

Monday 29 September 2014

A Special Card, for a Special Lady

It was Yvonne's birthday last Monday, and I couldnt get a card ready to send on time. However, a late card it is better than none, right?
Silly me posted this on a colouring Facebook page, and she saw it. Silly, silly me, spoilling the surprise.
Digi was free from the same group (Donna's Promarker group)

Happy Birthday Yvonne!


My TMNT Hat, on a Sunday Morning

Eddie wanted a new hat. Off to shop I went to buy wool and get ideas. The lady in the shop said the Ninja Turtles were back in trend, and a ball of green wool is what I bought :)

Pattern is the same as the Minions hat I did last year. Eddie didnt want the flaps on the back of the hat, which makes the hat a bit off but if that's what he wants, then that is what he gets... Specially when I was up at 7am on a Sunday to make this.

Dont mind his pjs, or the mess behind him... It was Sunday morning....


Christmas cards

This time last year I already had all my Christmas cards ready. This year is a disaster in comparison. So I have decided to attack my papers and stamp and work on it. Made about 20 cards in a day. I already had the images coloured so it was pretty much just to choose a sketch and work on paper matching. Easy right? Nooooooo......

And I still have another batch to make, but have to start colouring more :)


Stitching Bug is back! It is back!!

I havent done much stitching, or anything else lately apart from the blankets for the hospital, so I thought I needed to get started.

I have made several Christmas cards (will write a post soon on papercrafts) but most important is: I FINISHED ATW SAL!!! Didnt add the beads as I think there is a lot of bad stitches since it is a learning piece and maybe it would be a waste. Another thing that put me off adding bids is that Im not sure what Im gonna turn this piece into. If framing, beads are ok but what if something else comes along? Here it is:

And then I have started and finished this little guy this week. Because you know, it is never too early for Christmas :)


Thursday 4 September 2014

It is hat season again!!

I have been on a rollercoaster lately and havent done half of what i wanted to. This time last year i had all my xmas cards done, lots of atitching ready for pressies and lists of what was needed until the end of year. This is i have nothing and it annoys me. I need to start moving and find time to do what i really like to do: craft. Eddie has just started school so maybe a couple of mornings off will give me time to get something done.
Anyway, it is innocent hat time. Every year we knit/crochet small little hats for charity. You can find out more on innocent smoothie website. These are my first 3. I knitted them, which is something i wouldnt normally do but it was fun :)