Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What I have been up to...

Nothing crafty I can say. Company I work for has been updating their system and expanding their shop unit so we have been all working like mad people, doing overtime, working from home, and all the perks.
I have been putting together things that I want to stitch and if I get 30min every evening Im happy.
Angie has already sent the new part with deadline for 27th September and I havent touched it yet. Need to start soon, or I will get behind on this one.

I have however received a lovely parcel last week. Gaynor (Stitcheranon) sent me the halloween exchange from one of the Yahoo X-Stitch groups. It is one of her designs and Im honored to own a piece designed and stitched by her. Isnt it cute?

And she added in the parcel a pressie for my son Edward. A lovely wall hanger which Eddie thinks it is a blanket and we are fighting over it, because I want it on the wall and he wants to cover his teddy with it.

I found in my stash a lovely hanger I bought 2 years ago in the RDS show and it goes perfectly with the pattern. Thank you again Gaynor for my swap and pressie.
And last Sunday was our monthly stitching meeting with the Dublin ladies and it was my time to host. I'ce managed to finish my swap then and this morning got the sewing machine out to turn the stitched piece into a hanger and here it is

(sorry, cant figure it out how to turn photo here, when it is showing in my folder in perfect position... If anyone has any ideas would love to hear it)

Anyway, thats all my stitching this month. I have been bold and bought more stamps which I just managed to start colouring last night so watch this space :)

talk soon


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sumemr Tree of Stitch

Its a quick post. Have to run errands today, so just updating my progress on TOS (Part 6). Part 7 is out already but havent even had time to print it....

TOS Part 6 - TSS

And I have stitched something for Halloween already. Will turn this into a wall hanger as soon as I can

Witch Hat - Barbara Anna Designs
That's me for today.

Talk soon