Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Finally a finished project

I have been working on big projects this year, and finishing something hasnt been on my list for the past 4 months.
So I have decided to stitch a small project and it was quicker than expected lol Look for this space as I have to stitch another pin cushion, this time for our local exchange group

Souvenir de France - Blackbird Designs

Apart from this little project, I have been working on a Mini-Scrapbook-Album. I had a couple of photos that didnt make the cut for my Eddie's Scrapbook Album, which is 8x8, and after watching several tutorials on YouTube I have decided to give it a try. Even cut my own cardboard and did the biding. I need lots of practice but it turned out better than I was expecting. Will post photos as soon as I manage to get all photos in place and decorate the cover properly but I can give you a sneak peak :)

Talk soon


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bad blogger!!! Birds part 3 finished and very late Tusal...

Heya all!

Not sure what happened these days, but I have been so busy with everything. Eddie, creche, work, home, dinner, cleaning, some stitching and bed time and then all over again... Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a cycle and just cant get out??
Well, Im getting out of this crazy cycle today. Some ladies are meeting in Dun Laoghaire for a stitching and knitting day and Im off to it soon. Just waiting for my ride :) Godfather is taking Eddie for the day, and left dinner ready for when DH gets home. Am I organized or what?

I have finished part 3 of the Birds Sampler from Angie Designs. Even tho I love the pattern and the colours, the parts she sends are very big and I find myself struggling to finish it with her deadline. Anyway here it is:

And this is my very very late Tusal for April...

Hope everybody is well and enjoying the little bit of sun (which has decided to show his colour recently...)

Talk soon


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blankets, Blankets and more blankets...

I have been a bad blogger... bad, bad blogger! But lets see if I can make it better now

After 2 weeks of stitching like mad while minding Eddie, last week I have decided to take a break and work on the blankets for Henry the Bear Blanketeers.
I have finished in total 6 blankets (3 which I have done all myself - the blue and red ones -  and 3 that i have crocheted the granny squares made by another lady). These should be on their way to the kids soon.

Spring has finally shown its face with a bit of sun, not warm yet but defo brighter past few days

Talk soon