Sunday, 17 November 2013

It will be a long post...

For some strange reason I havent felt like turning on my computer in ages... My phone doesnt let me upload photos onto blogspot, and for this reason, I have lots of updates. Grab a cuppa :)

Firt is Eddie's Birthday Invitations. He is turning 4 in a couple of weeks and we are celebrating it with a small party for the kids at the Pirate Village. Because the place is responsible for activities and the food (apart from cake, which BTW is already ordered - Im so organized this time...) I had time to come up with some funky invitations. I googled 'Pirate Invitation' and this came up on images, so credit to Notablenest and thank you for the idea!

(I have finally learnt how to turn my photos!!)

I have copied the design and changed the text a bit and Eddie loves it! I have made 12 of these and the main reason is because some adults, while I was showing my prototype and asking for opinions, they've asked if they would receive one as well. I had so much fun doing these. We have cancelled all the previous parties (he was either sick, in hospital, or something bad happened..) so this is one is big to us!

And because I havent blogged in a while I have some stitching updates. Firts is my HAED. I have finished the first row and so far have worked 3 pages on row 2. Thats because Im working the main colour first so I can follow the swirls and then going back with the confetti stitches once the page is complete with the main colour.
HAED - Update Nov-13
 Then I have my ATW which is up-to-date. I have finished the latest part (cant remember now if 14 or 15..)

And finally, I've met with Maire this week, from Henry the Bear Blanketteers, for more squares to be made up for the hospital. I asked for lots to keep me busy and this is what she gave me

I guess I will have lots to work on :) I dont really mind because apart from the HAED and ATW I have no other projects. Im kitting up some patterns for next year, going through my To-Stitch list, cutting pages from magazines, laminating them and leaving things ready, but no stitching really. So on my days off (while Eddie is at pre-school) I can start adding them together and the edge is quite easy to work on once they are all stitched up.

I have warned you this was going to be a long post lol

Talk soon