Wednesday, 21 May 2014

24h are not enough...

I have the 'Jack Bauer feeling'. 24h is not enough!
I am a mom and a wife (and by that please read: Iam a maid, a taxi driver, a cleaner, a personal shopper....),  I work part-time and I go to the gym 3 times week for a 45min routine (because my behind wont be firm by just eating cookies...). I try my best to cook from scratch and have the healthiest food in the house, which means a lot of cooking on my days off. We all go to bed quite early because our day starts before 7am. AND I like cross stitching, crochet, colouring, cardmaking and scrapbooking. And sometimes I wish my days were longer....

I am a NINJA, like all mums. 

Most of the times, I jump from one project to another and I get upset if I cant start or finish something. It happened this week. I had this wonderful fabric I got at AppleTree Crafts for a Sewing Machine Cover and I went over, in my head, several times, on how to make it. Googled patterns and checked blogs for ideas. I knew what I wanted, just had to cut the fabric and put it together. I imagined on how and where to sew to make it perfect. I did it so many times that I couldnt sleep that night and I couldnt make/start it because the noise of my sewing machine would wake up son/hubby. The next morning I was tired, but full of ideas on how and where to start.

 Look what my dinning table looks like when Im on full-creative-mode!!

And this is my finished cover (with side pockets and all!)

It really like it :)

Talk soon


Monday, 12 May 2014

Tablet Holder

This has been on my mind for quite a while now. But every pattern I found had too much cutting and sewing. And sewing is not one of my strongest skill, which I find it funny since every woman in my family is a dressmaking.

Got the pattern from MyPatchwork. If I had to do it again, and I can see myself doing at least another 2 for pressies, I would change a few steps.

1)Instead of trying to sew the big opening when the triangle bit is full, I would leave a small opening on the back (where the button is) instead. Then I can hand sew when it is full, rather than trying to fit the whole thing on my maching
2)Would do the same with the small cushion on the front. So my sewing steps would be: Sew the edges but leave one opening on the triangle bit and one on the front cushion. you can still turn the fabric inside out bu the whole on the back, providing it is a good size hole. Once turned, I would stitch the lines so they would be straight (I wont even show mine here, it is appalling....), fill it up and hand stitch it closed.

Trying to feed this through my not-very-sturdy sewing machine was a nightmare. Im very pleased with the final product but I know could have been better.

Talk soon



As I said previously, I havent been blogging but I have been busy. It's been such a productive month :)

I didnt stitch the snowflakes inside the inner rectangle on this one manly because Im lazy. Fabric is 14 count. Thread is perle 10. The snowflakes were so small and the fabric is so big that I couldnt carry the thread on the back which meant a lot of starting and finishing thread on a very small motiff. Still look good tho. (photo is not the best, really...)

This is my attempt on using my new dies. I have lots of that green paper and I hate it (not sure why...) So Im trying to use it all, including scraps on mens cards. The Magnolia stamp is so cute tho!

This is one of my drawings and my first time colouring her. I cant draw and Im very limited on what I can do. It takes me ages to come up with something like this. Her dress is pattern paper and she was coloured with Promarkers. I was thinking on having her as a bride and this was a test. I quite like her tho. Her could have been a bit more lighter (note to self..)

I will have another post on the Tablet Holder I made this weekend. So in love with it!

Talk soon


Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's cold outside

I know it is May but I have been working on this lovely xmas pattern. It's from the Historical Sampler and very quick to stitch. Fabric is sky blue Aida 11 count and Im using perle 10 threads I biught back home.



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Completely lost it..

My blog mojo. I have been busy crafting away but to sit and actually get things posted havent been my fav these days.

Lots of updates tho
Im all up to date with my ATW Sal. These are the latest 2 parts

Sizzix was having a sale 2 weeks ago and I ended up increasing my dies stash by a few items :)

Jenny came to visit on the long weekend for a craft afternoon/evening. She was working on a table runner and I made this cute little bag. The left over fabric was enough to make a table runner also (this one still needs finishing)

I have started a new stitching project called It's Cold Outside from the Historical Sampler Company. I am using 11count Aida Fabric and a Perle 10 threat. This is suppose to be a fun and quick project in between everything. Will post photo soon
Made 2 baby blankets for IPB Charity and finally manage a Spring Cleaning. I now have space for a desk in my bedroom. Watch this space for more news :)

Talk soon