Wednesday 30 January 2013

ATW80 and Birds

Is it just me or has the weather gone mental these days?
It was a lovely, around 12C, then as soon as I got home from weekly groceries, a hailstone storm, and now temperature has dropped below 2C. No wonder I have a cold and my little boy is suffering with ashtma attacks.


Finished part 9 on my ATW80. This was so quick and fun. One afternoon, thats all it took!!! Very proud of myself. Even my lazy daisy stitches look better on this part.

ATW80 - Part 9 Close up

ATW80 - Part 9 Complete piece

Last night I finished Part 2 on Angie Sampler called Birds. Im using the colours recommended on pattern. She is not sending next part til 25/feb so lots of time to work on other projects now.

Birds Sampler - Part 1/2

Im hoping to start my HAED this week but not sure if I will be able to. I wish my days had 30hours and my son would sleep for those extra hours, so I could just seat and stitch to my own content. It's so hard when you are trying to stitch and little hands are trying very hard to get the magnetic from the fabric because 'they are magic coins that stick to the hot wheels cars'.

Talk soon ladies


Thursday 24 January 2013

Improving Colouring Skills

This week my little one decided to be the best boy ever and let me play with my 'toys' a lot. Needless to say he got chocolate as treats. I probably shouldn't have given them to him but was so happy to get the cards done that it was worth.

Here they are:

 Stamp - Lili of the Valley

Stamp - Marianne Designs
Flowers - Wild Orchid 
Stamp - Marianne Designs

Stamp - DoCrafts Country Companions

Stamp - Lili of the Valley
Im accepting ideas of how to finish this card (sentiment, flowers,..) 

Please comment on my cards. I love to hear new ideas and how to improve them. I struggle a lot with flowers arrangement. A LOT! Every constructive comment is welcome.

Now it is back to my stitching. Papillon released Part 9 of ATW and I' m dying to get this done.

Talk soon


Sunday 20 January 2013

TUSAL, Cards and Charity

This past week I've decided that I wouldn't stitch as much and would do something I absolutely love but haven't done in weeks: colouring. Yeap, you heard me. I love colouring! Really do. I'm not an expert but I try my best and I really enjoyed it. I don't have many Promakers so had to work with whatever I have and by the end of the week I realized I could use 3 or 4 more shades and off to online shop I went (now is just wait for the postman)
Images were turned into cards but are not completely finish yet as I had no time to do it. 

Image -Lili of the Valley

Image - Mag Freebie

Image - Do craft stamp set

I searched a lot online for skin/hair shades and need to write a reference list, so bare with me

Then, every second Tuesday of the month, the local ladies meet for a paper crafty night and this is what we did last meeting. The theme was Shabby-Chic and you can see all the boxes made here. Roberta helped me with the feathers and the shoe button and Yvonne gave me hand with the flowers and bow. A big thank you ladies!

Another start this week was a crochet blanket for the Henry the Bear blanketeers. This is a cause very close to my heart and I have been promising myself to make one for the past 2 years, so I finally contact the organization and got the dimensions and off I went. This is what I have so far:

And last but not least: I didn't forget my TUSAL. I was waiting my next post so I could do it all together. For those of you that are mummys, you know how hard it is to have 5 minutes to upload photos and write a post when your little one is asking for yogurt, milk, go to toilet, cant find my teddy/ball/car....

I need to learn to write more often as my posts are awfully long....

Talk soon


Friday 11 January 2013

A finish and two starts

Why do I have the feeling it's been a long time since my last post? Am I getting addicted to blog?

A have a finish! My first in 2013. Roll the drums....

I have added a charm instead of stitching the pair of scissors. It was a gift from a friend (who Im trying to bring to the dark side of needlework) and it suits the pattern so well, dont you think?

And for my new starts:

First is the Emerald Isle SAL called 'Lets Stitch' from a designer called Patty Carbaugh and pattern is bought through her Etsy shop. I cant find the link I used to post, sorry.
Im using 11count fabric I had in my stash (remember: stash diet!!!). It has lovely flowers printed on it and it matches the colours used. This will be my Sunday stitching project which is just great as TSS has a new Sunday SAL and I can use this at the moment.
Lets Stitch - Patty Carbaugh - Emerald Isle SAL
Second is Birds Sampler from Angies Designs. She sent first part yesterday and I just needed to start it as soon as I could. My new rollers arrived on Monday so fabric was already gridded and ready to start.
Birds Sampler SAL - Angies Design - Part 1

And then, when I thought postman was done with his work, I receive this:
Angel is from Dusty from TSS as a thank you for a pattern I sent before Xmas. Im just in love with her work. And the pillow ornament is from Bev from XStitch Exchange Group. Unfortunately the first parcel she sent me went missing in the post (boohooo post office!!!) so she kindly sent me a second parcel after new years. A big Thank You ladies for my pressies.

I havent started HAED yet. Im waiting for the exact moment, when all SALs are up to date and my needle is in need of something different. I struggle a lot with high count fabric and whatever way I have my stitch-station I cant attach my magnifier, so need to move to dinning table and thereI dont have enough light. And with the dark days we have had in Dublin on the past few days I just cant get myself to start at it. Soon!

And I need to post a photo of my ORT jar. I know, cant believe it's the 11th already.... Will do it tomorrow hopefully.

Talk soon,


Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! And projects kitted up...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers! And may 2013 be better than 2012.

Looking back, there wasnt much going on this year for us, and by us I mean DH, DS and me. There werent big changes in our lives, that's what I mean. We did buy a car, because our family car, that carried part of our house in the boot - apart from the kitchen sink, died a horrible death and ended up for scrap, so dad kindly gave us a pre-loved and much looked after one. But other than that 2012 was pretty standard. Eddies health (my DS) has been improving and now that we know what we are fighting, it is much easier to deal with attacks and episodes. As I said, pretty much standard. 2011 was such a bad year that I didnt think 2012 could beat it, and it didnt! Points for being optimistic!

Anyway.... Lets talk stitching!!!!
Jenny has dragged me to her New Year Resolution: NO MORE STASH. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. A full year without adding anything to our stash. To be honest, I do think I have fabric for 3 life times, but hey, what crafter is not in this position? My problem is that I dab in other crafts too (cardmaking. scrapbooking, crochet...) but at least I dont knit. Have you seen a knitters house?? The same for quilters. They have piles and piles of wools everywhere :) I have told SIL to store them in one of those vacumm bags to see if stash would like slightly tidy up. 
So, no buying stash for me. Or at least try. I even returned credit card to hubby, just in case I feel compelled to with all those Sales around.  

So, photos!
This is my House of Needleworker. I do hope to finish it soon as I need the scroll bars for a new SAL.

And postman got tired of being stalked and decided to delivery my parcel from 123. All my threads for my new projects. (PS: that was bought in 2012 so it doesnt count on the new resolution). Here it goes:

HAED project - 20 count evenweave Cream/Pink ish (Thanks Maud!!)

Bird Sampler SAL - Angies
Design - 17count Aidan Beige
And this is a birthday present from Jenny. Isnt it beautiful??? Im sure she put a lot of hours and effort and Im so happy with it. It was meant to be a needle case but I made one myself (see previous post) so she changed  a bit and didnt add the felt on it. I just love it!

Lets see if I get this right. These all my projects for 2013:

* SAL Papillon Creations - ATW80
* SAL Angies Design - Birds Sampler
* HAED - Floral Filigree
* SAL Emerald Isle group - You will hear about this one soon
* LHN - I have a couple of patterns that I want to stitch, but not sure if I will

And that's all folks! Talk soon