Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm baaaack, and full of updates!

Hello Ladies,

I did tell last time I posted that I would be absent for a while. DS had surgery to remove his tonsils, but because he is a cardiac patient, there were a couple of measures we had to take before it and it took me a while to get ready. This week I have been housebound with him, and because he wanted me sitting near him while he watched tv (seriously, I couldnt even get a glass of water without him crying...) I did get lots of stitching done! 
It's been a slow and boring week, and without my stitching I would be lost! Thank God my wrists arent sore.
I have worked on 3 different projects this week.
First, my HAED, finally finished page 2. 2 down, 35 to go....
Finished part 3 on Birds Sampler. I thought that this was a big part and I was getting tired of the colours, thats why I have done rotation on the projects.
I have the 'C Sampler' out all the time. I find very hard to stitch on it. Its 28 count white fabric, stitching full crosses, 1 over 1. It kills my eyes... so I found that if I have it out and stitch a bit every now and then, I will probably have it finished soon. Another thing is that I dont have that pattern on my tablet so I can stitch when DS is playing on it lying on my lap.

Finished Page 2 on HAED - Filligree

Finished Part 3 on Birds Sampler - Angie Designs

Lots done on my 'C Sampler'
And I have crocheted another blanket for Henry the Bear Blanketeers while in hospital with DS.

Owwww, btw, today is day 8 after surgery and Eddie is back eating and drinking nearly as normal. We had a couple of rough days, specially with all the mouth ulcers he had. Poor boy couldn't drink a glass of milk without crying. All past now!!!

Talk soon


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!

Hello all! Welcome to new followers and a big Hello to current ones

Im posting this a bit early as my little one will have surgery on Monday, just after Paddys Day, and I will be with him in the hospital til Wednesday and God knows when I will have time to post again.

I saw this little guy on La-La Land Crafts on their facebook page months and was dying to get it. But they only had it in stamp not in digi. So I waited... And today when I checked again, it was there! Just had to buy it.
We live in Dublin and Paddys Day is always big. We take Eddie for an Irish Breakfast in a pub in town,  then to see the parade at O'Connoll Street (we normally see it from Dame Street as it is not as busy as O'Connell) then go back to the pub where mum and daddy can have a green pint with friends before going home and Eddie can eat some lunch, after all, standing on the street to watch all the beautiful colours of the parade always make him hungry :)
So this is my card:

Image: La-La Land Crafts
Coloured with Promarkers.
Ribbons, Paper and everything else used is from stash and have been for a long time now.... (hanging head in shame...)
Competition: I love Promarkers Challenge

Hope you like it!

Talk soon


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TUSAL and Handmade Promarkers Holder

A cold Good Morning to all of you! The snow made an appearance yesterday (quite a big show really....) and even tho it is freezing outside, the sun is shinning, like a cinematographic sun. It shines, but it is not warm :(

Anyway... Here is my TUSAL for this month:

And here is something I made with 2 weeks ago. It is not a new idea, and so far I havent found a tutorial online for it, so it took me a while to get measurements right and it is still not perfect as the elastic strip is pulled a bit too tight and the bias tape is not stitched properly. But it works. It holds more than 30 markers (which means I need to make another one...) and it opens like a book.

Hope you all have a good week!

Talk soon


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Hope you are all well!!! And Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate.

I have been stitching part 2 on Birds Sampler from Angie Designs, but my wrists have been acting up badly lately and not much progress has been made on it. So instead, I have decided to make a card. This is what I came up with:

The mermaid is a freebie from Sliekje here (she has lots of freebies and they are very very cute!) and was coloured with Promarkers. The sea-shelves and stars are die-cut from Sizzix. Backing paper, ribbon and trim from stash. I had her coloured for the past few weeks while trying some new colours I got, but only got around to turn it into a card now. I added Sparklies on her tail too.

Will post a photo of my stitched piece as soon as I have some progress on it (maybe during the week)
I have been very busy with work too, and it is just getting on the way of my craft!

Talk soon


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Around the world Part 10

I cant believe it is March already! Where did the month ago??

This week was the ATW turn on my rotation. Part 10 came out last week and some ladies were very quick and Papillon already has some lovely work in display. It was such a quick part to stitch and even tho, it took me a week to get it finished. I just lost the stitching bug and had to push myself to finish it.
ATW80 - Part 10 - Full Piece

ATW80 - Part 10 - Close up

This week I will be working on Birds from Angie. Part was released last Monday and I will be working on the darker colours this time, but I do think tha part is quite big. I have til April to stitch it so should be ok.

Talk soon