Monday, 25 February 2013

I cant believe it's Monday already.
A big welcome to all new followers and a warm hi to the current ones. It is so nice to see people are actually reading and stopping by my blog.

Yesterday I met with the Dublin ladies for a chat and some stitching time. It's more chatting and eating cake then stitching really, but all good.

And here is what I have worked on last week:

White Evenweave 28count - 1 over 1 - Full crosses

 I think I have done lots, not that I had noticed til I took the picture this morning.

This week I will be working on my ATW. I cant fall too behind on it or I will just lose interest. I know myself...

Talk soon,


Wednesday, 20 February 2013


 This is the first time I enter my card in a challenge. Everybody says my colouring skills have improved so much that I have decided to step it up and give it a try. It doesnt really mean anything, just a burst in my ego :)

So I have use Promarkers to colour the image ( Lili of the Valley) and paper is Capsule - Lemon Sorbet from Papermania. I have used Old Paper Distress ink on the edges.

Challenge: I love Promarkers 

Thanks for your comment

Talk soon


Monday, 18 February 2013

I shouldn't, but...

I know.... I shouldn't be stitching until my wrists weren't sore anymore, but I just cant stay away for too long.
And to make matters worse, I have started a new project:

I have bought this magazine last summer when visiting my parents in Brazil. So here is what happened: The mag is actually from Spain and was being sold in a mega pack with issue 180,181 and 182. This sampler is part of an ABC Sampler and it was released monthly. I checked mag 181 and it had letters C and D. Checked mag 182 and it had E and F. My husband is Aidan, Im Camila and my son is Edward and I thought:  how nice would it be to have 3 small cushions with our initials? By my counts, issue 180 should had A and B (just a thought, right?), so I bought the mega pack and went home all happy. When I came back home to Ireland, I found out that the series had started on issue 179, so I didn't have A and B after all. So off to internet to order the old issue from the company. I paid more for the old issue + postage from Spain to Ireland than whole mega pack in Brazil!!! 

Anyway, I have started the C this weekend:

I'm doing full crosses on 28 count, 1 over 1. I know... crazy right? I think so...
I should have gone for half stitch 2 over 1, but now I already have a good amount of stitches and I am just NOT ripping it!

So one more project to my WIPs and this is gonna fit nicely into rotation :)

Talk soon


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

February Tusal

I know, I know... a bit late but still here :)

First, Melissa from St Johns Stitcher is having a Birthday/Almost 200 followers giveaway on her blog. Please check out her work. Totally worth it!

And my Feb TUSAL:

I havent stitched as much as I wanted this week because as usual, I overdid last week and Im in pain now. Damn carpal-tunnel!!! I will be taking it slow for this week and maybe the next, no stitching and no crochet, to see if it gets better. If not, then its back to GP for stronger painkillers

Talk soon


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Starting HAED

Hi all

Quick post to show you I have started my first HAED. It is the heart shape from the Filigree range. Started on the 31st of January and I kinda wanted to have stitched page 1 and 2 before taking picture. I have to say, it is not as easy as I thought.
Pattern was a present from a stitching friend and I thought it would be easy as it doesnt have a full background cover, but now I have my doubts.
That doesnt mean I will be starting another one just to test my theory :) Not for now at least...

I have grided the fabric using a marker pen, and right now Im regreting this decision. The pen kinda skipped a row or a line in some of the marks, and it is hard to keep track of it. Note to self: 'Next time, grid it properly'. Mummy always says: Count twice, stitch it once. Count once, stitch it twice.

Hope you all have a good weekend

Talk soon


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lets Stitch... all finished!

A big welcome to my new followers and a very warm hello to all!

The week has been a bit hectic but from reading other blogs, I can see it wasn't only me. The weather is just not helping at all lately, isn't it? It is suppose to be Spring, but this morning I had snow, and DH couldn't get his motorbike out of the garage. How lovely....

I have been busy indoors. VERY BUSY! I managed to finish my second blanket for the charity Henry the Bear. I've made both blankets measuring 90x110, which was the size my DS received, so in my mind, i was just replacing their stock. While talking to the person who organizes it, I have offered to finish some of hers, as a lot of ladies can crochet/knit granny squares but not join them, so I'm off to her this afternoon to collect some squares and put them together. This is gonna be fun. Here are the pics of the ones I made:

And I have finished the 'Lets Stitch' pattern. This was a SAL from the Emerald Isle group and I was stitching it only on Sundays, and it only took me 4 Sundays to complete it. I have used 11 count printed Aida. The fabric was bought in Brazil, so no idea who manufactures it, but the print on it is so cute and I think it really goes well with the colours I went for (remember, I'm on stash-diet for 2013):

I have twisted the original pattern a bit. I have added the letter 'L' beside the 'C' so it stands for my initials, and I added a button in a flower/star-ish shape in the gap on the big vase. There are beads on the stitched frame and in the flowers. For some reason the close-up picture of this is not uploading so maybe next post, when I figure it out how to.

And last but not least, I have been colouring again. This is a new stamp I bought from Lili of the Valley last Sale. The sentiment reads: 'I love you to the moon and back' and it is hand-writing, as hubby chose it instead of the printed one I had with the same saying.

Isn't the teddy cute? And the bunny falling out of the space ship? It reminds of my brother for some reason ( I hope he doesn't follow my blog lol)

I have started my HAED and so far so good. I have no photos to share at the moment, but will soon.

A member of the online card making group I belong to died a couple of weeks ago and that caught me by surprise. We knew she was sick but not at that extension and it was a shock to hear the bad news. She was a sweet person and will be sadly missed.

Off to play in the snow with the little one now. Keep safe everyone!
Talk soon